A Beginner’s Guide To Bodybuilding Supplements

Although supplements can never replace a proper diet, they could help you hit your bodybuilding goals faster. A good supplement will cover nutrient gaps in your diet to ensure that your body always has what it needs to achieve peak performance. Obviously, it’s important that you always know what you feed your body on. By only using the supplements that support your training goals, you’ll be able to improve your physique, performance and overall health.

Protein Shakes

Numerous studies have documented the crucial role proteins play in improving muscle mass and strength during short-term bodybuilding training regimens. Basically, it all boils down to several key points:

-Individuals who train hard report feeling better when they take protein supplements.

-A rapidly digesting shake could help stimulate protein synthesis when taken before, during and after a training session. This facilitates quicker recovery.

-Increasing your protein intake over the middle- to long-term will improve your mass and strength, besides helping you shed fat.

Due to their rapid digestion, whey protein supplements are more suitable for using around your training sessions. Casein proteins, whose digestion process takes longer, would be ideal for days when you need a quick protein source but don’t have the time to cook.  Still, don’t forget to eat the various foods that contain essential minerals, and which cannot be acquired through supplementation.


Quite simply, you’d be hard-pressed to find any drawback to taking a daily dose of greens to complement your diet. There are various supplements that could mitigate the effects of a diet that’s deficient in vegetables and fruits. Some products also contain ingredients that work to neutralize blood pH.  This could be of great help if you’ve recently been consuming large amounts of protein; this is known to cause blood to become more acidic.


At times, individuals tend to up the ante in training as they seek to drastically boost their muscle gains. If you’re in a similar scenario, it would help to take a simple, rapidly digesting carbohydrate supplement before, during and after your workout. This will facilitate glycogen synthesis, a process that works to replenish the energy you need to recover.


This is an extensively-studied supplement that has been shown to boost performance in high-intensity activities, such as strength training and weightlifting. Besides enhancing energy output during exercise, creatine increases strength to allow you train harder, and for longer. While this substance is available in many forms, creatine monohydrate would be your best bet as it’s the most tested, having been around for longer.